Characteristics of wheelchair tennis in The Czech Republic

Wheelchair tennis is a dynamic and spectator-attractive sport, the rules of which are almost no different from "healthy" tennis. It is played on standard tennis courts de facto according to the rules of classic tennis. However, it has its own specifics.

Unlike classic tennis, the ball can bounce twice in the opponent's half (so-called double impact), once in the court and a second time outside it. The cart is part of the player's body, so if the ball touches the cart or the cart of the net, it means a loss of points. A player who rises from the seat during play is also penalized for losing a point. Matches are played on two winning sets of up to six games and a difference of two games is required to win. At 6: 6, a tie-break is played on seven winning balls. The competitions are divided into three tournament groups: Super Series (corresponding to the Grand Slam tournaments), ITF 1-3 and ITF Futures (ATP tour), a total of about 160 tournaments worldwide each year. The special tournaments are the annual World Team Cup, the tournament of the eight best players of the Singles Masters and the tournament of the eight best pairs of men and women of the Doubles Masters. Each international tournament is divided into several divisions according to the players' performance: Main Draw, Second Draw and B. In all divisions, not only the main competition is played, but also the so-called Consolation consolation competition, in which all losers from the first round take part. Wheelchair tennis does not distinguish between types of disabilities, so it is a sport suitable for paraplegics, players with partial spinal lesions and amputators who play together in one category. Only quadruplegics have their own division.

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history of wheelchair tennis in the world

The history of the sport begins in 1976, when American junior tennis player Brad Parks sat in a wheelchair after an accident and, after six months of convalescence, persuaded his friends to start playing tennis with him, even if he was in a wheelchair. In 1980, a national wheelchair tennis foundation was established in the United States, and in 1981, the Wheelchair Tennis Players Association, which represented international wheelchair tennis, was formed, with American and French players participating. By 1985, many enthusiasts from other countries had joined, so that year the International Wheelchair Tennis Association (IWTA) was formed, which began negotiations with the International Tennis Federation (ITF) for mutual cooperation. This organization operated independently until 1998, when it became a regular part of the ITF as a Wheelchair Tennis section, which in practice means that the ITF guarantees the development of wheelchair tennis as well as the development of regular tennis. Wheelchair tennis has also joined the Paralympic movement. This first happened in 1988 at the Games in Seoul, South Korea, where only an exhibition took place, but since 1992 (the Barcelona Games) wheelchair tennis has become a full-fledged part of the Paralympic Games. The history of the World Team Cup began in 1985, when only 6 teams in the USA took part. Today it is an annual tournament for 32 men's, 16 women's, 8 junior and 8 quad teams from around the world.

history of wheelchair tennis in czech

The origin of wheelchair tennis in our country is connected with the sports club of the League for the Rights of Wheelchair Users - SK HOBIT Brno. In 1995, several of the first enthusiasts of this sport worked in his ranks, who broke away in the same year and founded the autonomous Czech Wheelchair Tennis Association (ČTSV). To this day, it is a civic association with its own legal personality, which has indelibly entered the consciousness of domestic wheelchair tennis fans and the international tennis association ITF. Since 1995, ČTSV has been a member of the IWTA (now directly ITF - IWTA section) for the Czech Republic and a collective member of the Czech Tennis Association. Wheelchair tennis has been a full member of the Czech Paralympic Movement since 2002, with the possibility of nominating its players for the Paralympic Games if they meet the nomination criteria of the Czech Paralympic Committee. Since 2003, wheelchair tennis has also been a member of the Czech Association of Physically Handicapped Athletes. At present, ČTSV has about 50 members and its active players, works in wheelchair tennis centers in Brno, Prague and Karviná, or prepares under the supervision of its coaches at the place of residence. Since 1999, ČTSV has been cooperating with the marketing and advertising agency ARS Production a.s., which ensures its financially and materially demanding tennis activities as well as the promotion of supporters of this attractive sport. Every year, ČTSV finances players from shortlisted and wider national teams to participate in up to nine foreign tournaments and start a five-member team at the World Team Championships. So far, Czech players have fought at the World Team Championships in the Netherlands, Australia, England, Spain, the USA, France, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Brazil. In recent years, he has usually always placed in the top ten in the competition of 32 participants. Every year, ČTSV organizes a domestic circuit of tournaments - ČTSV Tour, in which all its members have the right to participate free of charge. The points gained on the ČTSV Tour have been added up since 2003 and the most successful players win the titles of Czech and doubles champions of the Czech Republic. ČTSV is also the organizer of regular recruitment camps for new players, where it offers a free opportunity to everyone who wants to start this sport. The training camp takes place every year during the program of the Brno Open tournament and is led by the head coach of ČTSV Jakub Vurm. An important activity of ČTSV is also the organization of three international tournaments in Prostějov, Brno and Průhonice.

International tournaments in Czech

KPM CONSULT Czech Open (allowance 12000 Euro) is an international clay tournament, which started its history in 1995 in Brno. It was organized here until 1998 and convinced the ITF delegates with its level so much that they regularly increased its category to the current highest ITF1. Since 1999, the tournament has been relocated to Prostějov, which was caused mainly by rising demands on the level of the tennis complex and accompanying services. The world's players come to the Prostějov Tennis Club so far, always in the third week of June.
The Prague Cup Czech Indoor (subsidy of 6000 Euros) is the only indoor tournament of the international level in our country and is regularly hosted at the beginning of December by the Club Hotel Praha complex in Průhonice. Here, too, quality player competition comes together. The history of the tournament dates back to 1997, and since then about 85 tennis players have been performing at Prague's courts every year. The tournament category has so far stopped at the ITF3 level.
SSŽ Cup - the international championship of the Czech Republic (subsidy 1000 Euro) builds on previous years, when it was organized only as the championship peak of the domestic competition season. Its history began in 1996 in Neratovice, continued for two years in Kralupy nad Vltavou and since 1999 it has been organized annually in the TC Classic tennis complex in Brno. So far, all participants have had to bend over Miroslav Brychta's art, but international competition makes it difficult for him to pursue other titles. The tournament has the ITF Futures category and is always organized in August.

ctsv tour - czech championship series

The domestic tournament circuit has a twelve-year history. Every year, the number of tournaments for Czech players changes and their level increases. Since 2003, the ČTSV Tour has been played as a tournament circuit of the Czech Championship, which runs throughout the season and the final result includes points gained in singles and doubles during the entire Tour. The champion of the republic in singles and doubles is announced during the international championship of the Czech Republic in Brno. Currently, the ČTSV Tour includes the Hamr Open in Prague (indoor), Karviná Open (indoor), Brno Open, Prague Open, the Hostýn Cup in Bystřice pod Hostýnem and the Town Hall Cup in Radnice u Plzně.

world team cup and czech team

The Czech national has been participating in the top event in the world calendar of wheelchair tennis players every year since 1995. The championship system is similar to the Davis Cup, with the difference that teams fight for placement every year in one singles and one doubles. Since 2004, the men's category has been divided into two World Groups, with World Group 1 (WG 1) entitled to play the first sixteen countries of the world (according to location in the previous year) and World Group 2 (WG 2) to play another 16. After the fighting, the first twelve states remain directly in World Group 1, the thirteenth and fourteenth states must fight to stay with the third and fourth from World Group 2 and the fifteenth and sixteenth teams are replaced by the winner and the second from World Group 2. The national colors never missed a phenomenal Miroslav Brychta and Michal Stefanu, Jiří Fiala, Dalibor Potůček, Michal Sember or Michal Kubát were gradually nominated for the two- to three-member team. The Czech flag ruled among the participating countries in the World Team Cup tournaments in the Netherlands (2x), Australia, England, Spain, USA, France, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, New Zealand and Brazil. The best placement was managed in Sopot, Poland, from where in 2003 Brycht, Stefan and Potůček brought a great fourth place.

Paralympic Games

Thanks to the qualification criteria or disagreements between the ČTSV and the Czech Paralympic Committee in the past, the Czech tennis player in a wheelchair did not get to the Paralympic Games until 2004 in Athens. He was Miroslav Brychta and he finished the tournament among the last sixteen players, where he was eliminated by the current best player in the world - the Frenchman Jeremiasz. This was definitely an excellent Paralympic debut of Czech wheelchair tennis in the competition of 65 participants.

Best Czech players

The biggest star on the home field is definitely Miroslav Brychta, who last year even ranked 8th in the world singles singles and managed to win the title of unofficial world champion in 2001 when he and the Austrian Martin Legner won the Doubles Masters tournament. The national number two since 1998 is Michal Stefanu (currently a player in the world's top ten), an otherwise excellent table tennis player in a wheelchair. The trio of Dalibor Potůček, Michal Kubát and Jiří Fiala take turns in third place in the domestic ranking. Excellent players include Jan Hašek, Tomáš Kvoch and František Krejčiřík.

Structure of CTSV

The Czech Wheelchair Tennis Association is based in Brno, but decentralizes its activities with the help of wheelchair tennis centers in Prague and Karviná. Anyone who wants to start this sport has the opportunity to contact the headquarters in Brno, where they will get a connection to a regional manager in Prague (for the Czech Republic) or in Karviná (for northern Moravia and Silesia). South Moravia is in the competence of the manager of the Tennis Center on a Wheelchair Brno, who is also the president of ČTSV at this time.